Technology of thermal geotomography (TTG)

Technology is a part of methods of the Earth remote sensing using data from the spacecraft “Landsat 7” (ETM + device), as well as special aircraft equipped by thermal and radiovizors. The main source data is the information obtained in the infrared range of the electromagnetic waves.

Use of original Software “GeoЕхрlогег” and “Realiz” being a technological basis of Technology of thermal geotomography allows to build 3D image of brightness temperature distribution in geologic environment of surveyed territory.

2D and 3D thermal images of geologic environment obtained using the Technology of thermal geotomography can accurately determine spatial boundaries of hydrocarbons placing as well as the availability of supply of join deep channels which formed or are the channels of deposits make-up.

Interpretation of geothermic 3D cube by tools of construction of vertical geothermal cube cuts and its horizontal sections allows you to:

  • Perform a structural analysis of geologic environment that enables to examine its internal structure, identify the key geological blocks and shared them destructive zones (zones of advanced geologic environment disintegration).
  • Select and mark the thermodynamic anomaly in geologic environment connected with deposits of hydrocarbons.

Considerable experience of research demonstrated the wide range of Technology of thermal geotomography stages use:

  • Reconnaissance study to assess the potential for oil-and-gas content of remote and hard to get areas;
  • Exploratory research of areas considered to be limited from the general geological point of view;
  • Study on the stage of supplementary exploration of the “old” deposits, including supplementary research of elder stratigraphic units, including rocks of the crystalline basement;
  • Study on the residual (not drained) areas of oil and gas fields created from non-intensive production of hydrocarbons;
  • Study on the stages of recovery and repair of production wells.

Therewith technology allows carrying out basic researches of water sources and evaluating their reserves.

The above guidelines repeatedly confirmed by the results of processing and interpreting thermo visor data using Technology of thermal geotomography in various oil and gas provinces in the world: the overthrust blocks and shelf of North-East India; deposits in the Nubian desert of Egypt; reserves zones of the Dnieper aulacogen, paleovalleys of Carpathian downfold and the Black Sea shelf in Ukraine; West Siberian province of Russia and others.