Consulting services department

“Consortium Group RS” has highly qualified and experienced in geology specialists. Technical equipping and staffing enable company to carry out a wide range of exploration, research and maintenance works, corresponding to the JORC international standards.

Consulting Services Department provides a wide range of consulting services for both the mining and the development of new projects.

We are the specialists in the field of geology, mining technology, processing and recycling processes, economic-mathematical modeling and optimization of mining.

Our services are as follows:

Appraisal of mineral reserves and resources according to the international standards >>

Appraisal of mineral reserves/resources according to international standards (JORC and other adopted international standards) is now one of the most ordered services in the mining sector of Ukraine and the CIS countries. Consulting services Department carries out full complex of works on appraisal and audit of mining reserves to the companies looking for entry into the international financial markets or preparation of engagement communication according to the international standards.

Reserves appraisal includes an appraisal and analysis of the geological conditions, appraisal of the technology of mining and processing technologies and dressing, analysis of the existing infrastructure, industrial safety, review of the environmental situation and compliance with international standards, staffing analysis, analysis of costs and revenues, all other factors and risks affecting production analysis. In addition, if necessary, separate recommendations for the improvement of the technology and enterprise management can be provided.

Environmental impact appraisal >>

We have extensive experience of all types of needed research (from preliminary environmental impact appraisal up to remediation planning) to be able to detect and analyze in due time all environmental issues and associated risks that may arise in the implementation of various projects.

The specialists of our Consulting Services Department have the up-to-date knowledge in the field of environmental legislation of Ukraine and various States as well as international environmental standards. Our experts will assess the ecological and economic efficiency of enterprises at all stages of project development and will propose the best solutions to reduce the impact of production on the environment, both technical and production and environmental management.

Our Consulting Services Department is duly qualified:

  • to carry out a comprehensive analysis and appraisal of the impact of industrial activities on the environment (air, surface and underground water, soil, biological resources, etc.)
  • to solve environmental management issues (protection of mineral resources, reducing waste, recycling water systems, etc.)
  • to select the direction of remediation and reclamation cost estimation.

Due diligence of mining projects >>

Among the issues analyzed there are the following:

  • Availability of mineral resources;
  • State of mining production;
  • State of processing industry;
  • Staffing;
  • Industrial safety issues;
  • Environmental issues;
  • Compliance of existing infrastructure with the production needs;
  • Economic appraisal of the company’s activity;
  • Risk analysis of commodity products receiving.

Our company carries out an independent due diligence of mining production or project, aimed at the fair disclosure and presentation of its current state. As a result of work executed the possibility to maintain or increase production is provided.

Mineral Expert Report >>

Our company is drafting the Mineral Expert Report which is an integral part of the package of documents for mining companies going through Exchange listing.

We have prepared a number of such reports for both international and Ukrainian mining companies, many of which are recognized as the etalon of this type of work.

Feasibility and Prefeasibility Studies >>

Our Consulting Services Department renders services in all areas related to the various stages of mining production development, starting from preliminary study up to deep engineering. Within the scope of the works we perform all stages of the project research under existing international standards:

  • Scoping Study;
  • Prefeasibility Study;
  • Feasibility Study — international format project;
  • Bankable Feasibility Study;

We also assist our clients in solving other tasks connected with the development of production: participation in both International and Ukrainian projects strictly in accordance with the tender procedures (preparation of Project Proposal and Feasibility Study, etc.), the monitoring of implementation of construction and engineering works, management of production processes.

Thanks to the possibility to involve in our work the different areas specialists at the same time we can provide the customer with the ability to solve its problems, optimize the program of the deposit development and provide long-term innovative effect.

Often our works become the basis for the elaboration of design documentation, by the specialized design institutes, namely the Feasibility Studies of the mining enterprises construction stages. In such case we can develop the basic concept of development and the technical solutions in the form of technical specifications addressed to various design organizations. We have experience of common work with many institutes and organizations of the CIS countries. We consider a lot of design organizations as our partners.

Optimization of mining and computer simulation >>

Modern international methods of optimization of mining are the application of advanced approaches and techniques. Basically they are presented by computer programs considered as a standard by the international mining community.

Using the extensive experience of our specialists on optimization of mining companies activity, including knowledge of the CIS conditions, our team successfully carries out works to improve the efficiency of mineral deposits development in different stages, from exploration up to production.

We use the most recognized computer programs such as Surpac, Whittle, MicroMine, DataMine, etc. for modeling and optimization of mining works.

The most typical works carried out are as follows:

  • Deposit resource appraisal on concept design stage;
  • Support of mining enterprises’ projects;
  • Deposit modeling using modern computer programs;
  • Planning optimization of mining in quarries and mines;
  • Planning of mining works in crisis conditions;
  • Optimization of the number of personnel in mines and quarries;

Executive summaries for financial institutions and investors >>

Our department of consulting services having extensive experience in mining business provides potential investors and banks a full range of services of independent expert appraisal of documents and materials related to the development of mining enterprises. This may include business plans to get the loan, the enterprise development programs to attract external investment, projects of construction of enterprises and separate industrial facilities, technical-economic calculations, etc.

Strategic development and business plans drafting >>

In addition to drafting of field mining projects and stock appraisal our department of consulting services develops also business plans for further development of the mining and processing enterprise, is preparing a plan of strategic development of entity, examines and compares the various variants of development of mining.

At the initial stage of field mining we can execute a preliminary review of its development with a view to make a decision regarding its further development. Therewith we examine all aspects of the enterprise’s revenue and cost creation taking into account all existing infrastructure and the final product market or the type of mineral.

A business plan drafting is one of our services highly demanded by mining companies. Therewith our independent appraisal of mining and processing effectiveness can be used as a real plan for further development of enterprise and includes recommendations for business performance improving.

A business plan can be presented in the form of cost-effectiveness of investments in research and development of mining enterprises. Whereas the different ways to generate cash flows of the enterprise taking into account the specifics of the financial costs can be considered.

Planning and optimization of geologic exploration>>

Our company carries out a detailed analysis of mineral property with a view to streamlining the reasonable scope of exploration work depending on the complexity of the structure of deposits, perspective direction of field mining, spatial variability of significant structural and qualitative characteristics of the mineral (chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties, fractional composition, etc.), deposit hydrogeological structure as well as other relevant factors.

We provide support at all stages of deposit development:

  • Preliminary exploration;
  • Detailed exploration;
  • Industrial experiment field mining;
  • Operational exploration.

Investment support >>

Our department of consulting services has extensive experience of business cooperation with both international financial institutions and private companies and investors in projects in different countries.

Many large financial institutions are interested in financing of mining and processing enterprises and propose various schemes for this. Inter alia different ways to attract funding can be considered, starting from the standard lending up to participation in the authorized capital of the enterprises. Existing or newly acquired fixed assets of enterprises, other assets, including stocks of minerals can be considered as a pledge.

IMC Montan declarations of competent person including business plans and cost-effectiveness of investments are independent qualified opinion used by financial institutions when taking a decision on the financing of enterprises.

Taking into account our wide experience in the mining sector, we understand and know the trends of the market and the interests of its members in expanding or reduction their business, development of new deposits. While we certainly observe all conditions of confidentiality in respect of information provided.

Our role in executing geologic exploration >>

  • Verification of the conformity of the works to drafted and approved plan of exploration;
  • Drill sample condition and its storage methods appraisal;
  • Analysis of representativity and reliability of testing, all methods and quality of laboratory tests of samples, analysis of wells geophysical research quality ;
  • Analysis of wells compliance to actual location (wells coordinates) and spatial location in the rocks (dir sur data processing);
  • Analysis of land survey (topography).

Adjustment (in case of necessity) of exploration plan with a view to clarify the distribution of ore quality parameters in space and the nature of the ore body setting.

We widely use modern computer programs of geological modeling and geostatistical analysis to improve the reliability of exploration.

Mining projects management and support >>

During the implementation of projects in mining, concentrating and metallurgy sectors we attract and involve qualified experts for each stage of the project development to ensure adequate quality of the projects execution.

In providing the services we use a complex understanding of mining practices, legislation and regulation in Ukraine and other countries, coupled with international experience and knowledge of advanced technologies.