About "Consortium Group RS"

The Consortium was to combine the potential of professionals and companies operating in the power complex of Ukraine.

The main value of “Consortium Group RS” is the people who work both in our and partner companies. In close cooperation with our partners, the Consortium already implements investment and technical potential in such countries as: Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Mongolia, Nigeria.

Customers of our services are both private and public companies of Ukraine and the CIS countries. At the works execution we are able to choose carefully highly qualified and skilled specialists for each stage of the project development, to ensure high-quality execution of all the necessary processes.

Multidisciplinary and international team of our experts ensures the use of the advanced international experience to develop independent, including unusual occupational outcomes in our work.

We are looking for and do our best to ensure that the companies being a part of “Consortium Group RS” can continuously improve their technical and human level, ensure the comprehensiveness of services, increase the commercial efficiency of the solutions proposed to the customer.

More about us...

Мы стремимся и делаем все, чтобы компании, которые входят в состав "Consortium Group RS” могли постоянно повышать свой технический и кадровый уровень, обеспечивать комплексность услуг, увеличивать коммерческую эффективность решений, предлагаемых заказчику.